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The Hundred Gods, or the Hundred, are a group of deities given sometimes overlapping responsibilities to ensure that the worlds within Alkelien don't fall into complete chaos. Often the ultimate decisions are made by the Court of Gods, which is simply when the Hundred are called from their various home Dimensions to choose the future of the world they help control. The information to each god can be found below.

Nylor - The Creator Edit

Nylor (Creator)
Nylor is the personification of the Creator, goddess of Alkelien, creation, death, life, change, sameness, fate, choices, and the maker of the world.

Her symbol is three upside-down arches with nine dots along the bottom edge. Her size is frequently small compared to other gods. Though it can be altered, she prefers to keep a constant shape and size.

Her home Dimension is the Other Dimension, though only the gods of Dimensions, herself, and the Void know of this. Her priests, though she has few, will paint the symbol of the Creator under their eyes and dye their pelts, skin, or scales with thylacine stripes along their neck and arms.




Az Magicdancer Edit

God of magic, knowledge, tricks, chaos, cunning, pride, and imagination.
Az Magicdancer

He is a watcher of the Dimensions and introduced the "World-Walkers" to Alkelien. He is made of solid magic, and can take any shape he pleases by making the magic solidify. He always smells like cold copper.

His symbol is a six-pointed star with fire in three ends, a rectangular semi-eye shape in the other three, and an opening gate in the center space which contains of bright white light behind it. His home Dimension is the Magic Dimension.

He is one of the senior gods, and the very first set loose by Nylor to change the planet of Alkelien. His priests are clothed in white from head to toe, and experts in magics.




Veriir Cavernwalker Edit

God of shadow, solitude, secrets, silence, unspoken purposes, darkness, stone, time, sorrow, regret, searching, magic, and mirrors.
Veriir Cavernwalker

He helped to create the "Sight." His symbol is a mask that much resembles his face, and his high priests are forbidden from speaking in ways other than magic, though his worshippers and priests both wear a mask structured like his face. His symbol is the head of the creature he chose for his body surrounded by a blue glow and dark tendrils of shadow. His home Dimension is the Shadow Dimension.

Several of the other gods and goddesses are uncomfortable around him, and he speaks in foggy synonyms to simple words. His milky white eyes don't reflect what's around him; rather, they reflect what he sees in the stream of time he's currently in.

This is the god that the Draigare as a species feared, because he symbolized a silent knowledge of what they could hide with their illusions.


Fauril Brassfang Edit

God of clockwork, time, ideas, prosthetics, metalworking, stress, balance, sudden noises, and insanity.
Fauril Brassfang

His trademark sign is a clockwork fly with transparent jade wings and a sapphire in the center of its back, which also serve as messengers. His symbol is a golden clock pointing to the time 5:03 with one of his clockwork flies in the center. His home Dimension is the Time Dimension.

His worshipers are somewhat insane, and frequently move without a pattern and tend to twitch a lot. They wear a lot of metal in other ways than armor.

He lives isolated from the others in the Hundred most of the time, and so when the Court of Gods is called, many of his ideas are strange and stored away as a last resort.



Anurak Spitfire Edit

Goddess of the desert, heat, fire, sunlight, the day, and anger.
Anurak Spitfire

This is the goddess the demon race fears, and many a hateful creature will say that the creatures of the Shadow Dimensions and the demons cower under their dark gods in hopes to escape Anurak's wrath. Anurak's realm is a desert world with fires lit on spires of enchanted black metal. Her home can be found through both the Fire Dimension and the Desert Dimension.

Sacrifices to her are killed with fire, and her priest are clothed in translucent robes the same colors of fire, and those colors change by the rank of the priest, with the lowest ranked priests in typical red- to yellow robes and the High Priests in purple, blue, and black(colors which depict increasing heats in flame).

Anurak's symbol is a lizard's head against fire shaped to look like a dead tree. Though Anurak, being made of fire(similar to how Az is made of magic)can alter her shape, rarely does she sway from the body of a giant lizard.

Az has said before that he is fond of her and they frequently support each other when the Court of Gods is called to make a choice about one of the worlds in Alkelien.

Traikin Scalescratch Edit

Goddess of trickery, torment, illusions, insanity, and beauty.
Traikin Scalescratch

Traikin's symbol is a simple glowing purple or gold butterfly on a black background. Sometimes the butterfly is portrayed with bat wings. Her priests--primarily Draigare-blooded creatures, though some ordinary folk also take up the role--will not wear anything on their bodies, and instead use illusion magic to enhance their natural image. Her home Dimension is the Illusion Dimension.

She created the Draigare race with Aemit Goldeneyes. The contribution she is most remembered for is introducing the "Draigarean Sickness" as an effect of the species' bite. Though her primary shape is a dark gray draigare, she does have a more natural Alkelien form like all Draigare. That form is a lizard-esque body, though she keeps a thin line of fur down her back and tail. Her eyes stay violet with a gold ring around the pupil no matter the illusions she uses, the one constant part of her.

Utioal Springblossom Edit

God of Spring, fertility, affection, nature, peace, innocence, birth, and rebirth.
Utioal Springblossom

One of the deities who is more like the ordinary folk of Alkelien, Springblossom shows himself as a bird-like creature with feathers that change color in accordance with his emotions. His worshipers often have some connection to nature-magics, and his symbol is a crown of blooming flowers. His home Dimension is the Wind Dimension.

He is one of the few of the Hundred Gods who will walk on the Mainland and the other Dimensions that will welcome him and frequently plays with the youths when the parents aren't watching, though after they grow up he doesn't return to them. Because of this, it is widely believed that he is only visible to children, although this is not true.

Some of the other gods and goddesses are privy to the knowledge that he keeps the flower chains or other simple gifts the children give him and preserves them with magic in his realm. If asked, he could name the maker of each of these gifts without hesitation.

Ral Seasong Edit

God of calm, healing, discovery, and the waters.

Ral Seasong

His symbol is a topside view of a river flowing to form a lotus blossom out of its delta, and his temple is found in the Water Dimension.

His priests often dwell within the water and have a great fondness for jewelry with pieces found from the sea or lakes. They have no special robes, but do douse their bodies with ripple patterns in blue dye.

He and his worshipers scorn the use of sacrifices, and his followers rarely engage in battles. Ral's followers tend to get along well with those of Utioal Springblossom's.

Ral himself is good friends of Utioal, although far calmer in temperament than the hyper god.

Ral is a senior god, in fact the second god to be created, right after Az Magicdancer. It is commonly accepted that Akaray Stormscreamer has a relationship to him that is similar to brother and sister, though none of the Hundred can truly be related to each other.

The Void Edit

Deity(neither god nor goddess; a them or it)of True Death, shadow, nothingness, ancient wrongs, memory, bargains, fairness, truth, obedience, lack of emotion, and the End; the deity obeys all the Creator says until the Creator reaches her own true end, upon which The Void was given orders to end Alkelien.

The Void is the one creature that holds just as much power as the Creator. They have two forms: one, the humanoid, is the shape they oft choose around the other Hundred Gods. The other, a crow, is the shape they'll use to travel over the Dimensions of Alkelien.

Their symbol is a crow with wings enveloping a glowing light, and their trademark is a simple flock of crows, which they use as messengers. They have only a few worshippers which can't quite be called a religion because the number is so small. The cults of the Void dye themselves in black and, if they are not birds, will wear robes with layers that flow like feathers.